Kamping With a “K”

So, I haven’t updated the blog in a while because we have been traveling. Family vacay time, woohoo! Of course I rocked some Battle Cloth Boutique threads while away but did not do much work. Many adventures were had.

One day in particular happened to be full of excitement. We were up in East Tennessee in the Gatlinburg area. Beautiful area, go if you ever get the chance! On our last day we decided to go horseback riding. My 8 year old son got a sweet horse named Yuck, my 10 year old daughter was on Snickers, I had Mercedes and my hubs had a big ol’ guy named Mr. Lee. Well, Snickers was kind of a bitch. She kept biting at the horse in front of her (Yuck). Then the hussy turned around and bit my horse. Well, Mercedes was not happy. She reared up and all of a sudden I was Zorro…only screaming “Help me, eeeee, somebody help!”. Mostly I was afraid my horse’s hooves were going to come down on my daughter. Snickers in the meantime is acting up and still trying to bite, my daughter is screaming and crying. I had lost the reins on Mercedes and she was agitated as hell. I got her back under control and then our horses proceeded to munch the salad bar on the side of the trail. Did we give up? Nope. Damn near wanted to, but the guide used a lead rope on the bitch horse and all was calm and well after that.

Think that was enough adrenaline for the Simpson family? Think again. Our next stop after horse hell was a KOA (Kamping Of America) campground. We had never stayed at a KOA before. When we arrived it was crowded. RVs and trailers everywhere. We had a tent site near the river. My family camps a lot. However, this was our first time Kamping. Oh, what a treat. The entire site where we raise our tent was covered in gravel. Like, riprap gravel…sharp little rocks. And our neighbors are close enough to smell our farts. The road is a few feet from the tent, and apparently is a main thoroughfare. My hubs and I are “bright siders” most of the time. So that’s how we went then as well.

I have to add, my husband had stayed at this same camp before (only it was called something else and had a different vibe) when he was a little boy. He remembered floating the river with his grandfather on intertubes. So, he had picked up a couple of tubes from the gas station on the way in. He took my son up the river a ways while my daughter and I waited by the river near our site. The plan was that they would float back down to us and then we would take a turn. A long while passed and I began to worry a bit. I noticed while sitting there that a bit of rapids was a ways up the river where they would be coming. But some teenagers floated by and seemed fine. Finally, after an eternity, I saw my husband in the distance wading through waist deep water with my son on his back. Uh oh. I figured twisted ankle or something, as the river was pretty rocky and slippery.

As they got closer I noticed my husband was all scratched up and bloody. Turns out, the river is swift and rougher than it looked. My son’s 60 lbs floated away on his tube while my husband’s 215 lbs didn’t go much of anywhere. So, my husband fought the river trying to get to our son as he headed for some sharp rocks. My son got scraped and was screaming as the river carried him away. My husband was panicking and doing everything he could to get to him, but it was no use. Luckily, an angel named Dustin happened to be on the bank and my husband screamed at him to please grab our boy. Dustin jumped in and waded through the current and was able to snatch our kid just in time. He held onto him until my husband could get to him. Had he not reached him, our son very well could have been badly hurt on the rocks or even drowned. None of us had any idea the river was that fast and strong. We all learned a lesson though!

I didn’t see any of this, so I was able to avoid the adrenaline attack and the PTSD that my hubs dealt with that evening. Everyone got patched up with Star Wars bandaids and we cracked open some beers. Needless to say, we were worn the eff out after that.

Cue my review of Kamping with a “K”. First of all, the massaging rocks under the tent were just what the doctor ordered. Forget shiatsu massage, massaging riprap is better than any massage parlor ever. Being away from t.v. and other activities might make for a boring evening, but KOA had a way around that. Every time headlights shone through our tent we all were seized with excitement and suspense as we wondered if a truck was about to plow us all over! Also, hearing our neighbors cough and blow snot rockets helped us not feel lonely. After a super amazing night’s rest, we woke up to the natural sounds of KOA. A loud squealing and banging had us all up and hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Kampground Garbage Truck! Alas, we missed it. Hungry for breakfast, we would normally cook something on a campfire at other campgrounds. Not at KOA. No need to use thier Kampfire when you can walk the two minutes to the gas station behind our tent! Amenities abound to our delight! The fresh smell of exhaust in the morning beats clean mountain air any day.

So anyway, yes..those were a few high lights of our adventure. Don’t worry, we actually had an AMAZING vacation. It was long, it was fun, it was tiring, and it was perfect. Family memories that will last forever.

YouTube Fun!

I am thrilled today that a very cool YouTuber featured some of our Battle Cloth Boutique products on her YouTube channel today! Gretchen from The Daily Cupcake featured several of our items in her Spring Haul vlog.

Gretchen is a stylin’ cool chick and super funny. She definitely has some BCB Squad characteristics! Her channel overall is funny, raw, honest, and full of her views on fashion and lifestyle. If you have never checked her out, I highly suggest you do.

Also, as you’ll find out when you watch her Spring Haul video, she includes a discount code that is exclusively for her viewers. It’s a win-win!

I’m almost inspired to create my own YouTube channel. Why not challenge my introverted self to come out and play?

Here is a link to Gretchen’s vlog: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDailyCupcake

The products she tries on and reviews are: Lenore’s Raven Tank Top, Spot On Black & Leopard Tunic Tank, Sky Woman Turquoise Stretch Ring, and Rune The Day Silver & Turquoise Earrings. You can check all these out and more at battleclothboutique.com

Business Owner, Mom, Wife

I’ve held many “titles” in my life. Student. So and So’s Girlfriend. Barista. Cashier. Waitress. Bartender. Hair Stylist. Wife. Mother. Writer. Business Owner. Most of the time these “titles” came in ones or twos. Now I have a myriad of them tucked under my belt. It’s become interesting finding out how I can juggle starting up a small business, keeping my mommy skills sharp, and staying on top of being a good wife.

It’s rough.

Most of time I feel like I’m failing at all three. I’m on the computer or researching how to optimize my business and get the word out for about 80% of my day or more. This cuts into my mommy time. The kids vie for my attention, having to compete with articles on SEO optimization and how to understand HTML code (I’m drowning and floundering in that one). I have to stay on top of all my social media, KEEP THAT NAME OUT THERE BABY! So my phone is glued to my hand for most of the day. Housework falls behind, the dog gets less walks. I ask myself several times a day, “Is this worth it?”

I had a vision before I started Battle Cloth Boutique. I still have it, though the dreamy fantasy edge has fallen off a bit. But I still believe that Battle Cloth can succeed. My dream can still happen. My kids will still be able to look up to me with pride that their mom did something amazing and helped our family. And I’m excited as hell that I might make a few young women happy and feel good about themselves!

Right now I’m ready to move what inventory I have, get it sold and get our name out there. Then I’ll have the means to take the suggestions and input from our BCB Squad (aka our badass customers) and get the products they are truly wanting and seeking out.

I can do this. Mrs. MamaBossLady


Damn I Like Me

This isn’t a “woe is me” story. Yes, my livelihood is based in fashion. Do I live for that? No. Do I like it a lot? Yes!

Fashion was an anomaly for me growing up. I grew up “poor”. I had young parents. My step-father was in college during my awkward pre-teen years. To top it off, we moved a lot. I was “the new kid” on average once every year or two. Did I have trouble keeping up with trends? Hell, I didn’t know what “trendy” meant! I was that girl who wore hand me downs, thrift store finds, and garage sale garments. Did I try to look like everyone else? Yep. I failed most of the time. Partly because what kids were wearing in one state differed from whatever they were wearing in the next state we moved to.

So, I did my own thing. I quit (outwardly) worrying about looking like the cool kids. I tried to look like Janet Jackson some days and Paula Abdul on others. Mostly I looked like a nerdy girl in Neon and glasses. But I owned it. I didn’t let people (girls) teasing me and my clothing choices get to me.

Eventually, in my teen years I found my niche. I hung out with punk rock kids. I dressed in whatever I felt like still. I loved black skirts and flashy tights. Doc Martens and Converse were my staple. Purple lipstick and blue nail polish adorned my teenage self most of the time. This is back when funky colors got you some very weird looks from just about everyone. Hey, I already gave away my age talking about Paula Abdul…haha.

This is why Battle Cloth Boutique is a passion for me. I want there to be a place where young women can go and be their funky selves. Wear what you want! Screw what magazines and everyone else says!

I want to hear from YOU. Customer input and collaboration…kinship…will dictate what styles and products we buy next. Own your look! Be you! Look in the mirror and say to that beautiful face staring back, “Damn I like me.”


Instagram Giveaway Time!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? I know I do, especially when it’s so easy! And giveaways are fun. It takes only a minute to sign up, and if you win on Friday it feels like your birthday! Nothing to lose!

How did I choose which item to give away? Well, the Lenore’s Raven Tank Top is my personal favorite tank and it goes so well with the upcoming Music Fest season! Add some cool accessories and you’re good to go! Ready to win?

Entering the giveaway is easy. From instagram simply follow these rules: 1. Follow @battleclothboutique 2. Repost the giveaway picture 3. Tag @battleclothboutique in your repost and 4. Use #winbattlecloth

The winner will be selected at random. Contest ends on Friday April 15th. Good luck!


We are a new online clothing company called Battle Cloth Boutique. Our vision is to provide edgy contemporary fashions for the woman who doesn’t want to stick to what society says is “t…

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Just A Gal With Ideas

I am always full of ideas. They bounce around inside my head, crossing over each other fighting for a place to land. Once in a while, one sticks.

That is how Battle Cloth Boutique came to be. That damn idea just wouldn’t stop bouncing until one day it landed in the thorn bush of my mind and wouldn’t leave. Open an online clothing store? Me? Seriously? Humph.

I’m a creative soul. I have never been one to follow completely to what others perceive as “in style” or “trendy”. I would say I dress myself intuitively. I like pieces that look good on my body. I like clothing items that tell a bit about who I am. I don’t want to look like that girl in a magazine.

So I thought, surely there must be other women out there like me! A little edgy but still classy and definitely quirky and fun. I opened my store http://www.battleclothboutique.com with pieces that myself and my partner hand picked with our creative personalities in mind. Questions such as “what looks good on most body types?” and “what can be layered and create different looks throughout the seasons?” were key to our choices.

The cool thing is, this is just the start. The beginning. A warm up. Customers- REAL women who graciously choose to purchase our pieces- will have a say in what comes next. Customer input and relationships between ourselves and the people who pick us to buy from, will form what Battle Cloth Boutique becomes. Organic growth. How can I not be excited about that?

Just a gal with ideas.